Clinic Fees

Initial Consultation                                                                  $110

Initial Consultation (Concession, Pension, Children)             $100


Regular Consultation                                                             $60

Regular Consultation (Concession, Pension, Children)        $50


Full Spine, Weight Bearing X-Rays                                       $120


Are Spine X-Rays Necessary?

As we are obligated to provide the safest and most effective chiropractic care possible, we may need to take radiographs (or x-rays) of your spine before we can begin chiropractic adjustments.

Radiographs of your spine allow us to see any possible contra-indications you may have to chiropractic care, helps us provide the most accurate care possible, and may also help identify underlying pathology.

There are situations where we may not need to take radiographs (for example – young children and pregnant women), but your chiropractor will advise you if spinal radiographs are required.

It is quite common for other chiropractors to adjust patients without referring to radiographs. Our commitment to patient safety means we do not practice in such a risky manner.

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